Fly the Coop Moto offers riders a safe and secure place to keep their motorcycle off the street while not riding. 

Package 1: Non-Access Storage ($100/MO.)

Drop your bike off with us for the monthly fee above. We'll store your bike, keep an eye on the battery, and have her ready to go when you're ready to pick her up. During this time, your bike is not accessible unless an appointment is made with us in advance. 

Package 2: Communal Garage Member ($175/MO.)

This package allows access to the Communal Garage Area. Members signed up for this package will have access at their own leisure to take their bike in and out, and during set hours, will have use of the communal work area which has basic tools, a lift, and an air compressor. Spaces are limited and filling up fast. Please contact us with any questions, or to schedule an appointment to come and check out the space.